Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beauty Icon: Lara Stone

Lara, who happens to be one of M's favorite models, has made quite the impact on the fashion world. With her gap toothed smile and buxom bosom (and inverted nipples), she defies the era of perfection that Gisele awakened in the late 90's. Carine Roitfeld's choice to dedicate the Paris Vogue's February issue was spot on and genius.
Photos from various editorials, the new Marc Jacobs campaign (shot by Juergen Teller, of course), and one candid. Pin It


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning Lara Stone's inverted nipples. While she is a great example of a modern model who does NOT exude anorexia, her breasts are not beautiful. The aesthetic allure of erect plump nipples atop large pale areolae is much more lovely! Inverted nipples scare me, to the point of distaste. Ick!! What do you do with those?

  2. I disagree with the above comment. I like that Lara has inverted nipples, which many women have, and is a successful model who doesn't care that her breasts are not the norm. She was born with them and she is beautiful.

  3. I like how she has inverted nipples too. I have them, and knowing that even one of the most successful models has them as well gives me confidence in my body. Just because they aren't the norm doesn't mean they aren't beautiful.
    I love Lara!