Sunday, March 8, 2009

Salute Your Shorts

Even though the climate is still chilly, people are bringing out their shorts early this year.  Paired over tights they give an edgier feel.  Here are a few shots from Fashion Week Paris. 
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  1. I can't pull of denim short with black stocking but it sure does look chic on these ladies.

  2. Hi Tara, thanks for your comment.
    Oh, I love the jeans shorts look with black tights - I like the first pic most! Very comfy, but stylish!

  3. Hi and
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ;)

    I will for sure be back to read more of YOUR entries!!!

    Have a joyful and sunny day!!!

  4. Hi there-this is a fabulous trend, I did it first time round in the early 90s, LOL! thanks for stopping by too!

  5. i love this look, but i've never been able to pull it off. maybe my tights weren't opaque enough...