Sunday, June 21, 2009

watch out now!

Do you have the time?  Well now I do! I finally got myself a watch and I never was a watch gal before.  I wanted something kinda masculine looking because I think it's so sophisticated and cool when women wear men's watches with a sleek outfit.  It's the perfect modern accessory.  The first picture I took (sorry its not the best quality on my iphone) of my new Oceanaut Baccara Chronograph watch.  Below that is Ashley Olsen pulling off the men's watch look.  The third pic is of a Rolex (Kate Moss has been seen sporting) which I just thought was so damn cool looking but REALLY pricey. Oh well a girl can dream right?  Pin It


  1. I wear Hub's watches all the time...I love the look!

  2. i love these but i would be scared to scratch my glasses because i'm a bit clumsy @_@

  3. Oh< I love big men's watches on women. Maybe it was all the Salinger in high school that did it.