Friday, August 28, 2009

hike fan.

Sorry about my absence from the blog, traveling, a break up and a busy new position at work has made me a lazy blogger. One way I have not been lazy, is that I've been getting my butt out of the house and going walking, hiking and running. It's been great for all the new stresses in my life, endorphins and all...
My appreciation for hiking has given me a chance to actually wear hiking appropriate clothing. I will just state, I hate active wear. I fear like a parody of every other woman in LA when wearing it. It's hard to believe that women wear it to nearly every occasion, every errand, everyday. I do however have a new found appreciation for the rugged, grunge friendly vibe of hiking clothes. My former employ, Marc Jacobs, created a gorgeous fall collection for Marc by Marc, rife with rich fabrics, flirty dresses and surprise, surprise, hiking boot chic. I will definitely call on my dear friends at Marc for a favor...
P.S. I already have the Peacock Paisley dress in the top picture.
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  1. I think given the choice, I'd take hiking over running (tried both), although I haven't been hiking for ages. Love the colorful take on the hiking boots here and how they're paired with the more 'country' type of look - but everything still looks modern and fresh. Sorry to hear about the stresses in your life, but I too lean towards sports whenever something gets me.