Friday, January 22, 2010

cat eyes

Yes, I will admit I start my mornings off with a cup of coffee and the Zoe Report. The super stylist seems to find the coolest accessories around town. These Emanuelle Khanh cat eye frames exude vintage glamour and made me forget all about my Ray-Ban wayfarers. The crystal embellishments just take 'em up a notch. Minor problem is that they are $640. on and I can seem to justify spending that much on sunglasses, but then again maybe I'll find them on ebay. Pin It


  1. Go to Hotel de Ville on Rosewood and Fairfax. Get a pair of legit vintage cat eyes for way less and of way better quality than any bullshit plastic frames being produced today. My boy Van always hooks it up.

  2. chic sunnies, loooving the bejewled rims
    and it sounds like you started your morning off quite nicely!