Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend getaway

Palm Springs Windmills
Me lounging by the pool 
3 desserts for the birthday girl
Morning Walk
Birthday Cards
In the Salt Water Pool
Barneys Outlet

Palm Springs was a much needed getaway and it felt great to be in the sweltering desert heat. My mom wanted to relax on her birthday so we stayed at the Miramonte Resort.  Every day was filled with activities like morning walks and Hydro Yo Chi (a water  yoga/tai chi combo).  Of course we had to splurge on massages at The Well spa which features pure salt water pools and personalized aromatherapy treatments using Tara Oils.  On the drive home, it was impossible to not make a stop at the Barney's outlet in Cabazon outlet mall.  Have you taken any fun summer road trips? Pin It


  1. um seriously? yes please. looks like an amazing trip and we are in the midst of planning a quick summer one ourselves. this looks beyond refreshing and relaxing!!


  2. Seems like a lovely birthday getaway!

  3. hey, thanks fro stopping by my blog :)
    that looks like such a fun getaway

  4. i love the Cabazon outlets! i wish we had fireflies too! Thanks for the comment, subscribe if you enjoyed :)

  5. looks like youve been having a great time xxxx

  6. This looks like it was amazing! Seeing posts like these wish that my family was closer - my parents are in my home state of Iowa while I'm out here in Los Angeles with my husband.

    I have not stopped in Palm Springs, just driven through it, but more and more I'm beginning to understand its appeal...