Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daily Candy Event at the Viceroy

Love the Viceroy bathrooms

yummy snacks and champagne

Nikki getting beachy waves put in her hair

Camera crew

Working on my interview skills...

Getting my hair did

Nicole couldn't resist a red velvet mini-cupcake!

Last week, a few gal pals and I had the pleasure of attending the Daily Candy premiere of Fashion Star at the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  Since the event was sponsored by Suave Professionals, we all got the chance to get our hair done -- and what girl doesn't love that!!  The dry shampoo they used was surprisingly amazing (I've tried other ones that are powdery and leave your hair white, yuck!) They even asked me to do an interview while I was getting my hair done for the Suave website.  I think our favorite part of the night was the desserts they brought out...yum!!
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  1. Nice photos!!! love your hair!

    Hope you'll visit me :)

  2. looks like so much fun! how did you find out about it?

  3. Amazing blog! Following you :)

  4. I love Daily Candy! Looks like it was a great event.