Monday, April 27, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Ever since childhood strawberries have always been my fave fruit. Maybe that is why I think these strawberry earrings are so delightful. These handmade earrings can be found them on RockPaperCraft which also carries some other really cute and unique handmade accessories. (Hint: good idea for mother's day coming up). Pin It


  1. Thanks! I will pass this on to Irene and she will flip! You are awesome. Times two.

  2. Cute as a button! Actually come to think of it, they look like little buttons. Think how cute they'd look on a little vintage cardigan!

  3. So delicious! Haha!

    Thanks Ur lovely comment and check out if U have a mood.


  4. Thank you. Actually I think they are made out of buttons but they would look really cute pinned on a sweater.