Thursday, July 2, 2009

bike gang

Here I am striking a pose/adjusting my sunglasses that keep falling of my face.
The crew speeding up the path.

Mike and Jennifer on their bikes.
Mike and Matt embracing their true bromance.
Last saturday we decided to go for a group bike ride down to Vence beach for Eco-Fest. It was so hot but over all a fun ride. It is always amusing to watch the freaks down on the Venice boardwalk. On the way home Matt and I ran into Orlando Bloom on Abbot Kinney Blvd. He was really into Matt's whizzer bike and wanted to buy one. He even sat on it and tried it out. I almost took a pic of him trying out the bike but then refrained myself (wouldn't want to make Miranda Kerr jealous). hehehe
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  1. Love the vintage inspired bike..always wanted one!

    lily x

  2. aww you had so much fun ! it's been a long time for me since i bike ride .

  3. looking stylish..even being in a gang ;)

  4. really wonderful pictures. how fun!

  5. you are so cute on your bike! and that's so cool that you met orlando!

  6. Now that looks like a good time! Love your hat.

  7. I'm really jealous, that looks like fun!

    Meeting Orlando Bloom? Haha, that's a great story.