Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

I've just been watching the Michael Jackson public memorial on tv this morning. It's amazing how many fans the pop icon has and how many people showed up to the staples center today. I loved Stevie Wonders performance, it was really moving. Anyways for those of you who watched it what are your thoughts? Pin It

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  1. We've watched it in the evening here. It's really hard to believe that he isn't there any more. To me the memorial was okay, but there wasn't anything which has touched me as I thought it would do. It was great that Usher took the way down the stairs to Michael's coffin (as the only one). What was quite significant is the fact that close friends were missing there (like Diana Ross).
    We were really shocked by the appereance of Paris, Michael's daughter, and the way the family seemed to hustle her in front of the microphone. That was a weird situation.
    Oh well.... The greatest of all has left.
    Not easy to cope his unique talent and way of life in a memorial - without him.